Food Online Premium

Documentation Food Online Premium

This documentation is describing the latest release of the Food Online Premium version. The free version can be downloaded from

  1. Installation
  2. Settings
    1. User Visibility
    2. Display Options
    3. Minicart Style
    4. Product Popup Options
    5. Delivery Features Settings
    6. Advanced Settings
    7. Menu Category Sorting
    8. Order Time Management
  3. Shortcode
  4. FAQ
  5. Changelog

1. Installation of Food Online Premium

  • Navigate to Plugins -> Add New
  • Then click Upload Plugin
  • Now click Choose File and select the .zip
  • Click Install Now
  • Click Activate Plugin

2. Settings of Food Online Premium

2.1 User Visibility

Main shop pageChoose if to override the WooCommerce main shop page with the Menu. This selection doesn’t affect the possibility to insert the Menu with the shortcode [foodonline].
Hide the CartChoose if to hide the shopping cart from the Menu page. Maybe you will insert it with an own solution, like with a widget.
CheckoutChoose how the checkout will be displayed regarding if it is a delivery or pickup order.

“Pick Up” or when the delivery switch is turned off
* Phone Only
* Phone and E-mail
* Default Woocommerce Setup 
Checkout field for “Delivery” choice
* Limited field 
*Default Woocommerce Setup 

2.2 Display Options

Menu LayoutChoose the menu layout. One or two columns.
Menu ColorThe menu color will affect icons and menu headings.
Menu Background ColorChoose a menu background color.
Menu Items Separator Choose the style of the menu items separator.

* Dashed
* Solid
* Dotted
* None 
Menu Items Separator ColorChoose color of the separator.
Menu Titles Icon Choose the icon to display with the menu titles.
Item Icon Choose the icon for adding an item to the cart.
Extra? PopupShow a popup on checkout with featured products as supplementary.
The popup is a reminder and gives the oppertunity to upp-sell beverages, side orders etc.
All products marked as “Featured” will be shown.
Hide the increment buttonsHide the increment buttons (+/-) in the quantity input field?
Product ImagesChoose the size of product images in the menu. Or choose to hide the product images.
Category ImagesShow images for categories along with the menu heading.
Left MenuShow categories in left-bar menu, the top menu will be hidden.
StickyChoose to make make booth left menu bar and right side cart sticky. As a result the side bars will always be visible on the screen.
Smooth ScrollingSmooth or “soft” scrolling will be implemented when clicking in menu links.
Hide the Storefront Theme HeadingsChoose to hide the Menu, Search fields and Cart in the page headings? (Only for the official WooCommerce Storefront Theme)

2.3 Minicart Style

Minicart StyleChoose how to style the minicart.  
* Popup Style    – remove buton will show when hoover over a cart item
* Basic Style – remove button will always be visible
* Theme Default – use the active theme minicart template

2.4 Product Popup Options

Pop-up when add-to-cartChoose to use pop-up for simple products when add-to-cart. This is mandatory for variable products
Images?Show product images in popup
Product meta?Show product meta information in popup

2.5 Delivery Features Settings

A Google Maps API Key for the Places and Geometry libraries is needed to let customers fill in their delivery address.

Enable the Delivery SelectorShow a switch to let customers choose between “Pick Up” or “Delivery”.
Default mode of the Delivery Selector?Select the default mode of the delivery selector at page load. When a customer comes back to the menu, the state of the selector will be rememberd.
Skip address input and validation at Menu pageSkip address input and validation at Menu page. Let users input their delivery address at checkout page insted. No address validation will be performed.
Minimum Order Value Set a minimum order value limit for delivery, default is 0 which means no limit.
Minimum Items per Order Set a minimum of items per order for delivery, default is 0 which means no limit.

2.6 Advanced Settings

Google Maps API KeyVisit Google to get your API Key »
Force Enqueue Google Maps JSForce Enqueue Google Maps JS
Do not restrict Google Autocomplete to IP-located countryNormally the customers location will be detected and address suggestion will be in that country only. You can choose not to restrict Google Autocomplete to IP-located country.
Disable Bootstrap FrontendDisable plugin from loading Bootstrap library at frontend. If a Theme or another plugin also load Bootstrap it will leed to conflicts. Try check this option to resolve the conflicts.
Multiple shortcode instances? Allow multiple shortcode instances . This is not recommended for the reason that it is not stable.
Delete settings? Delete all settings on plugin removal. Use this if it seems like that you not will install the plugin for a while

Click the setting tab called Menu Category Sorting and you will be able to choose witch categories to show in the Menu. Even more, you will be able to sort among the categories to decide the order of them.

2.8 Order Time Management

This section let you display an approximate time to the customer for an order to be ready.

Fixed time per order Set a fixed time in minutes for preparing an single order.
Extra time per processing orderSet additional time in minutes per order already processing. Order with the status “Processing” will be counted and multiplied with this time.
Show time until ready for pickup?How do you want to calculate and display the time until a pickup order is ready.
* Hide – No time will be showed
* By a fixed time – The time choosen in “Fixed time per order” will be showed
* By orders in progress  – The sum of fixed time and extra time per processing order will be showed
Show time until delivery? Show if and how the time until a delivery order can be delivered will be showed.
Hide  – No time will be showed
By a fixed time  – The time choosen in “Fixed time per order” will be showed
By orders in progres  – The sum of fixed time and extra time per processing order will be showed
By fixed time & shipping time  – The sum of fixed time and shipping time will be showed
By orders in progress & shipping time – The sum of fixed time, extra time per processing order and the shipping time will be showed
Set shipping timeChoose how the shipping time will be calculated.
* None    – a shipping time will not be calculated
* Fixed shipping time  – the shipping time will be fixed according to the option below, “Fixed Shipping time”
* Calculate shipping time  – the shipping time will be calculated with Google Maps API. Google will calculate the time to travel between the store address and the given delivery address. Traffic situation will considered if you choose to deliver by car or truck
Fixed shipping time Set a fixed time in minutes for a delivery order.
Set vehicle Select a vehicle type that will be used to calculate shipping time with Google    
* By car or truck   
* By bicycle 

3. Shortcode of Food Online Premium

Use the shortcode [foodonline] to insert the Menu at any page you like.

Likewise use [foodonline categories=”category A, category B”] to only show certain categories.

And even [foodonline tags=”tag A, tag B”] will work to only show certain tags.

4. FAQ

Is it possible to define the delivery area through a drawn zone?

Yes, Food Online is compatible with the free plugin Shipping Zones by Drawing.

Does this work with WooCommerce Add-Ons?

Yes, from version 1.6 it´s compatible with WooCommere Add-ons.
You could then offer toppings, side dishes and more.

Why does the popup close itself when I select dish?

It happends due multiple loading of Bootstrap. Try disable Boostrap loading in plugin settings area.

Is support included in the price?

Yes, the price includes six month support and updates.